Brouard Consulting provides consulting services worldwide in a number of specialized disciplines, including salt-caverns modeling, design and analysis of tightness tests, cavern design, stability analysis and abandonment issues.

Understanding the behavior of salt caverns requires specialized skills but as well as accurate data. Brouard Consulting provides many relevant services and test techniques. A non-comprehensive list of workouts that can be performed includes:

  • Cavern compressibility tests
  • Well tightness tests
  • Borehole permeability tests
  • Abandonment tests
  • Pressure/Temperature logs
  • Long-term wellhead & downhole temperature measurements

Brouard Consulting performs numerical simulation of the behavior of underground structure submitted to complex loadings. These studies can be performed, for instance, to support the design of underground storages, to simulate and understand the complex behavior of a brine-filled and gas-filled caverns or the stability of wells submitted to earthquakes. Our experience, competences and computational tools allow the analysis of various cavern aspects, from short-term mechanical stability to long-term subsidence.

Over the years, we have completed numerous projects for well-known companies around the world, including cavern-stability assessment for DOW, modeling of Moss Bluff blowout for the SMRI, developing tightness test tools and performing analysis of earthquakes effects on CO2 storage wells for TOTAL.