Brouard Consulting provides consulting expertise and offers a wide range of analyze capacities in the field of underground storage, with particular emphasis on salt caverns. The company has been involved in many projects related to underground structures. Brouard Consulting leaded a numerous studies and international collaborations. Over a hundred papers are published in periodical journals and conference proceedings. Following is a representative listing of topics concerning company’s expertise domains.

Salt caverns

  • Cavern abandonment (full project management including in-situ tests)
  • Cavern stability analysis
  • Full modeling of cavern blowout
  • Numerical computations (gas-filled or brine-filled caverns)


  • Well tightness tests (design, performance & back-analysis)    
  • Determination of maximum allowable pressure, including complex cement behavior and loading scenario

Salt mine

  • Back-analysis of a mine collapse


  • Computation of earthquakes effects on underground structures (wells, galleries)

Creep tests

  • Creep tests under very small deviatoric stresses