Brouard Consulting company provides consulting expertise and offers a wide range of services in the field of underground storage, including salt-caverns modeling, design and analysis of tightness tests, stability analysis and abandonment issues.

The company has over 25 years of experience in rock mechanics, solution mining and analysis of earthquake effects on underground structures. Our experts are internationally recognized and honoured scientists in physics, rock mechanics, salt caverns, solution mining, applied mathematics and numerical simulations. They are authors of several books, hundreds research articles and conference proceedings.

Over the years, we have completed numerous projects for well-known companies around the world and international collaborations, including cavern-stability assessment for DOW, modeling of Moss Bluff blowout for the SMRI, developing tightness test tools and performing analysis of earthquakes effects on CO2 storage wells for TOTAL.

The company disposes specialised skills in test techniques like cavern compressibility tests, permeability logging and tests, stability and abandonment tests etc.

Brouard Consulting developed computational simulation solutions like LOCAS and WTLog to perform numerical modelling of the behavior of underground structures submitted to complex loadings. These tools serve to simulate and to better understand the complex behavior of a brine-filled and gas-filled caverns, to analyze the stability of wells or integrity tests logs, to provide subsidence prognosis etc. LOCAS and WTLog software packages are in use by our experts and available under licence or subscription to our clients and partners.

The company’s skills and experience in relevant research and measurement fields followed to design appropriate well and cavern monitoring and measurement solutions Sounds Well and Blockfall. It becomes possible to completely automatise the processes of interface/borehole level monitoring and salt block fall detection. These solutions are of flexible and adaptive concept and already proved their capacities in numerous installations worldwide.

LOCAS – Geomechanical Modeling & Data Management Software

Simulation of the non-linear and time-dependent mechanical behavior of salt caverns requires advanced constitutive models and accurate numerical computations. LOCAS is a software suite developed by Brouard Consulting for the purpose of 3D or axisymmetrical 2D modeling and analysis of salt caverns for brine-production, gas or liquid storage.

Software license is available as a stand-alone program, subscription service is also possible via the Azure cloud from Microsoft or private own server.

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Sounds WellInterface Level Monitoring System

Well integrity testing is often performed through interface-depth measurements over time. Interface logging is required on a frequent basis but it can be expensive, because operations are sometimes interrupted.

Sounds Well detection system is based on acoustic interface detection technology developed by Brouard Consulting. It enables the measurement of the interface depth between two fluids, remotely and accurately at the surface. It allows, for instance, the detection and estimation of a leak rate.

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